Мы эксперты не только в нашем программном обеспечении

Широкий спектр услуг, включая горное планирование, оценку ресурсов, технико-экономическое обоснование горных работ, выбор оборудования, оценку затрат и консультационные услуги по экспертизе вашей деятельности.

For explorers

The visualisation, drillhole management and analytical tools you need to optimise your exploration projects.
This Includes: Core, Exploration

For Geology Modellers

Utilise the best industry explicit and implicit modelling tools with extensive yet streamlined functionality.
This Includes: Core, Exploration, Wireframing, Implicit Modelling

For Resource Modellers

Build, manipulate and estimate your resources for any commodity, within the most comprehensive suite of modelling tools on the market.
This Includes: Core, Exploration, Wireframing, Implicit Modelling, Resource Estimation, Stratigraphic Modelling

For Team Viewers

Share your 3D data with full visualization capabilities – at no cost. Bring your team into view with the capability to pan, zoom, rotate and define clipping planes for your Micromine Origin and Beyond projects for free.